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Latest update: 15/01/2022

Third battle is now up.

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Solveig is a huge fan of puzzles, and always tries to do at least one a day, but normally does more like four or five. We join her as she's mid-way through a Sudoku. But the Narrator seems a little unfamiliar with the concept of non-violent games...

Battle 3: A Most Puzzling Battle
Published: 15/01/22
Location: Solveig's Study
Player: Solveig Poulsen (0-0-0)

Hm... Let's see now... If that's a 4, then that would force a 4 there and... Yeah, ok, that's not a 4 so it must be a 9...
SOLVEIG seems to be playing some sort of GAME!
GAME doesn't seem to involve BATTLES!
NARRATOR is confused!
NARRATOR hurt reality in its confusion!
...Most peculiar, not to mention impractical. My bookcase seems to have moved to the ceiling.
SOLVEIG reached for a NOTEPAD!
SOLVEIG jotted something down!
...Anyway, back to the Sudoku...
Let's see now, 5s look interesting...
NARRATOR thinks it gets it!
Wild NUMBER 5 appeared!
...An anthropomorphic number suddenly manifested in my study? Better write that one down...
SOLVEIG reached for a NOTEPAD!
SOLVEIG jotted something down!
NUMBER 5 wants to fight!
...NUMBER 5 wants to fight!
Yes. I know. I'm just surprised is all.
This is where SOLVEIG sends out a POKéMON!
...Oh. Oh, right. Sorry.
I think there might be an X-Wing that can remove the possibility of a 5 in that place, so... X-Wing, go?
I'm sending out an X-Wing?
Why does SOLVEIG have an X-WING?!
NARRATOR is confused!
NARRATOR hurt reality in its confusion!
LUCAS was erased from existence
No effect on odds of a US MOTHER 3 release!
SOLVEIG sent out X-WING!
NUMBER 5 sent out NUMBER 5!
...I'm Not used to solving puzzles like this, but... Err... I suppose... X-Wing, use logic...?
It's highly illogical!
Somewhere, elsewhere, SPOCK raised an eyebrow!
Attacks neutralized each other!
...Hm. Maybe something a little more... Literal? Let's see if I can remember some actual moves from when I last played a Pokémon game?
Ah. Surf. X-Wing, use surf.
X-WING doesn't kn--
NARRATOR is cofused!
NARRATOR let the attack work normally in its confusion!
Enemy NUMBER 5 is in critical condition!
Why does a SPACE SHIP know SURF!
X-Wing's a fish.
NARRATOR is confused!
NARRATOR is confused no longer!
NUMBER 5 wants to suck SOLVEIG's blood!
SOLVEIG's attack fell!
...The anthropomorphic digit's a vampire... Hm...
Since the Narrator seems to be unaware of the difference between Sudoku X-Wings and Star Wars X-Wings, let's try a Laser Canon attack.
NUMBER 5 gave two simultainious blood curdling screams a PERFECT FIFTH apart as it fainted!
...I... Can't seem to enter any 5s into this Sudoku. And the given 5s have disappeared...?
NUMBER 5 is lying unconscious on SOLVEIG's floor!
How am I meant to do a Sudoku without access to the number 5? Blast it, I'll do it later when the number recovers.
Hm. Slitherlinks only use the numbers 0 through 3. Let's do one of those instead...

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